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The Cavaliers have feasted on an easy schedule as of late, having won three of their last four games with the only loss coming to the Nets in a 3OT thriller. The wins have come against the dregs of the league in Memphis, New York and Phoenix, but the Cavaliers can’t afford to be too picky about an optimistic stretch.

The Cavaliers are actually fun to watch right now. With Kevin Love back in the lineup, the rest of the team just feels better. A big part of the Cavaliers struggles all year have been players being forced to play several tiers of responsibility better than the talent on the roster.

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Players like Collin Sexton and Cedi Osmanshould really be secondary or even tertiary members of an even decent offense. Being thrust into games with the scenario of “If they don’t play well, the Cavaliers won’t just lose, they’ll get wrecked” is not particularly fair to guys at that stage of their careers.

Love might not be a primary option on a great team anymore, but he’s worlds better from a talent and polished perspective as compared to the rest of the team. He’s made the Cavs more watchable.

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