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The impression after three days of this test was that Ferrari were the team to beat, and it seems Mercedes feel the same way. Valtteri Bottas has not long ago finished a news conference, and he said: “They do seem very strong. No matter which kind of fuel load or engine modes they’re running, whatever you try to correct that for in any case they are quick. Both short runs and long runs. So I think we feel at this point they’re going to be a bit ahead.

“Obviously it’s impossible to make detailed calculations. It is very early days. With the new rules it’s going to be a big development race. We don’t think anyone is going with this type of car in this test to the first race, including us. We do have new parts coming for the first race. [But] we can’t really rely on that being an upgrade.

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Kayleigh: Really really hope for good things from Lando this year, and he doesn’t end up on the McLaren scrap heap like the other mega babes- JB, Stoff… Williams aren’t looking too special at the moment so could be a tough year for Russell.

deaglan mcardle: have to say I’m generally impressed with the sheer reliability of the cars this week. None of the usual breaking down and out for several hours. Just some minor niggles on the face of it. Well except Williams issues of course.

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