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As the new-look Grizzlies look to come together – and fast – as they try to achieve an increasingly difficult goal of conveying their draft obligation to Boston, out west LeBron James and his Lakers are underachieving. Most thought it would be a challenge for King James to change kingdoms and make the west his new domain, considering how tough the competition is in the Western Conference is and how young the Lakers are.

The team’s offseason signings (Lance Stephenson, really?) were questioned, and of course their handling of the trade deadline and their failure to trade for Anthony Davis, have alladded up to discontent and a team currently on the outside looking in of the playoff picture.

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His move to L.A. was not about picking the best team to win the Finals with in 2019. Missing the playoffs entirely, though, would be a bitter pill to swallow. After the low of getting beat by the Pelicans in New Orleans, with Davis sitting out, this may be the King’s time to take off and carry a few things that you can use.

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